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Hello!  This is your resource for success in Mr. Shanley’s English 11 class!  Make use of all the links, hints, and especially the Daily Class Logbook!

The Daily Class Log Book
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Assignments and Documents

Class Syllabus for English 11 2013-2014.pdf

Employability Skills Poster.JPG

Mr. Shanley's Basmati Grade Posting Guide.pdf

link to Basmati

Columbus Journal Entry from textbook.pdf

Outline for the Columbus journal entry:

1.  The Spanish come on shore

2.  They find an empty house on the beach

3.  They look at the plants and birds, then kill a snake

4.  They find a village deserted because the Arawaks took some stuff and ran for the mountain

5.  A few Arawaks approach; the Spanish give them glass beads

6.  Arawaks bring fresh water to the ship

7.  Columbus asks for directions to China

from the older textbook -- John Smith's "History of Virginia".pdf

The Crucible study guide.pdf

Crucible--Historical Background and Literature of the Period.pdf

Irony in The Crucible.pdf

Citing Sources for Persuasive Paper.pdf

Outline Template.pdf

The Lesson of Salem questions.pdf

McCarthy background.pdf

article -- Senate releases McCarthy transcripts.pdf

Still More Aphorisms from Benjamin Franklin.pdf

B Franklin Time Article Questions.pdf

The Ephemera by Benjamin Franklin.pdf

Huck Finn controversy intro.pdf

Huck Finn Study Guide.pdf

map for Huck Finn.jpg

Easier-To-Read Dialogue for Huck Finn--ch. 1-16.pdf

Link to Full Text of Huck Finn on No Fear Literature

Macbeth Movie Permission Slip.pdf

Macbeth Character List and Vocabulary.pdf

Macbeth Study Questions.pdf

Romanticism notes.pdf

Transcendentalism notes.pdf

Poetry Creative Project.pdf

Questions for Of Mice and Men.pdf

Of Mice and Men essay assmt.pdf